Hinderaker Law Divorce


Nicole's wisdom, experience and creativity got me through that very difficult time period. She knew how to deal with the uncooperative attorney and was able to finally get the papers served. She was very understanding of my frustrations and concerns and gave me great perspective on how to deal with it. I highly recommend Nicole in any family law situation and would not hesitate to seek her help or advice in the future. A Divorce Client
Kayt handled all my legal issues with complete accuracy and professionalism. She dealt promptly and efficiently with matters as they came up. Kayt has an incredible ability to recall case details. She was always kind, respectful and supportive to me. A Divorce Client
Ms. Hinderaker is a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney. I went to see her regarding a child custody case. She explained my options and gave me good advice as to the next step I should take. [Nicci] made quite a few calls that day, and the next, faithfully informing me of the progress. On the third day, I had my little boy back! I will always be grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best! A Child Custody Client
Divorce is a emotionally draining, complicated process. A life changing event. It takes a professional and skilled individual to help you navigate the process in such a way as to provide empathy while also helping to understand the facts. Kayt always made sure I had a clear understanding of the process, steps and documentation. Before proceeding in each phase of the divorce. Her laser sharp attention to detail is extremely valuable when public safety pensions and retirement accounts are involved. As emotional an event the divorce was for me. I chose to make it a learning experience and perhaps help me to improve as a human being. Kayt was the perfect guide to help me accomplish that. A Divorce Client
I highly recommend Ms. Hinderaker to any client. She is first in mind, when I make a referral to an individual or family. She is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in the area of family law. Clients who hire Ms. Hinderaker are always satisfied. She projects dedication and commitment. A Family Client Consultant
If you are in need of a divorce lawyer, look no further... Miss Yrun-Duffy will take such good care of you, you will be planning your next! I am so happy with how I was represented, I hope to be married a day after the divorce decree is signed just to have them back in my life. When I got the email thanking me for and wishing me the best my heart sank. Do you remember when your first crush broke up with you, that is how I felt. The kind emails and reassurance through it all made me think to myself sometimes, this must be heaven. I will be retaining them today for my second, third, and maybe fourth divorce. Honesty, integrity, kindness, and laughter when you need it sums up Miss Yrun-Duffy! A Divorce Client